May 20th, 2022

NDP’s plan to end gas price gouging means relief for Northern drivers

NORTHERN ONTARIO – The NDP’s Northern team of candidates say Andrea Horwath’s plan released Friday means northern drivers will finally get some relief at the pumps.

“Northern drivers are paying the highest cost for gas in the province. The NDP’s plan to regulate gas prices means we will stop unfair price spikes at the pump. We’ll stabilize prices and end the price differences between communities and regions in the province. The North will no longer be unfairly targeted with the highest gas prices in the province,” said John Vanthof (Timiskaming-Cochrane).

Andrea Horwath and the NDP will regulate the price of gas — capping gas prices, outlawing gouging, and saving Ontarians money at the pumps.

“The people of Nickel Belt, like people across Northern Ontario, have been gouged at the pump for years. There is no reason why gas in Nickel Belt is often 10 cents more expensive than in Espanola or Sturgeon Falls,” said France Gélinas (Nickel Belt).

Horwath and the NDP will regulate retail and wholesale mark-up prices. The Ontario Energy Board will set a weekly price that includes reasonable profits for gas companies — not more.

Four years ago Doug Ford promised to lower gas prices by 10 cents per litre. He did not. And the Ford and Del Duca scheme to temporarily lower the gas tax will only benefit big oil corporations, yet again— there’s no requirement that they pass that break on to drivers. Only Horwath and the NDP will take on big oil companies and ensure permanent savings at the pump.

Gas prices in Ontario have reached record highs, even though the cost of crude oil and refined products have not. Gas prices are currently regulated in a number of provinces — it’s time Ontario did too.


Gilles Bisson – Timmins
“Big oil is gouging Northern families at the pump. Under the Liberals, gas prices kept going up. Today, after four years of Doug Ford’s Conservatives, Northerners are paying the highest prices ever. Northern families cannot afford any more of this. The NDP will regulate gas prices to give drivers and their families a break at the pump.”

Sol Mamakwa –Kiiwetinoong
“People in Kiiwetinoong are paying the very highest prices for gas in the province. In fly-in communities, the price is over $2.30 and as high as $2.65/L in some places. We cannot continue to accept this as normal. We have a plan to stop these runaway prices for communities across the North.”

JoAnne Formanek Gustafson – Kenora-Rainy River
“Some people are having to choose between buying gas to get to work or getting groceries for their families? That’s not ok. Families need help.”

Judith Monteith-Farrell - Thunder Bay-Atikokan
“As I go door to door in Thunder Bay, people are outraged at skyrocketing gas prices. People remember Doug Ford’s broken promise to lower gas prices. They know Steven Del Duca ignores the North. People in Thunder Bay support the NDP’s commitment to take on big oil and stop gouging at the pumps.”

Lise Vaugeois, Thunder Bay - Superior North
"Gas prices are creating tremendous strain for people across the region. For anyone travelling from the region to Thunder Bay for health care, the added costs are staggering and a burden families shouldn’t have to worry about when accessing critical health care. For women and men working in the trades who travel hundreds of kilometers for work, gasoline prices are taking a big cut out of what is left over to feed their families."

Michele McCleave-Kennedy – Sault Ste. Marie
“When I talk to people on the door step, they are upset at the high price of gas. Ford promised to lower gas prices and now they are the highest they have ever been. The NDP plan to regulate gas prices will stop gouging at the pumps providing people with some relief.”

Michael Mantha - Algoma-Manitoulin
"The out of control price of gas is affecting people right across Algoma-Manitoulin. Whether it's getting to work, seeing the doctor or just daily errands people in the North are suffering because of the unfair price gouging in Northern Ontario. The NDP has a credible plan that will stop price gouging at the pumps by bringing transparency and control to the market, helping people in Algoma-Manitoulin pay the bills while maintaining the public services we rely on."

Guy Bourgouin - Mushkegowuk-James Bay
“The people of Mushkegowuk-James Bay are getting more than their share of gouging at the pumps. Families are putting their lives on hold because they cannot afford these high gas prices while big oil and gas companies are pocketing billions in profit. We must stop the gouging and cap gas prices immediately.”

Erika Lougheed – Nipissing
“Liberal and Conservative inaction on gas prices has real and harmful consequences for people in Nipissing. Everyday I hear from families, seniors, students and individuals struggling with decisions between food, rent, and fuel. It’s time to get gas prices under control and the NDP has a plan to get it done.”

Jamie West –Sudbury
“Families cannot afford to keep paying more and more for gas. Doug Ford broke his promise to bring down gas bills and now we’re stuck paying the price. Only the NDP has a plan to stop gouging at the pumps to give families much-needed relief.”